There is a new cannabis café in Portland. Madeline Martinez established this café in 2020. This café was established as place where medical marijuana program and cardholders can socialize and be safe. To enter this café, you must be a club member and be a current OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) and be a customer of the Bakery.

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A new cannabis café: Weedsly

Then California moves to adopt medical marijuana laws, allowing the drug to be Cultivated and

Weedsly products and our Urbane cafe:

Cannabis means a group of three plants, which is also known as Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and cannabis ruderalis.

When the flowers of these plants are harvested and dried. It becomes the world’s most famous and known drug. Some call it to pot; some call it weed, others call it cannabis.

Does the Cannabis Café have great weed?

Cannabis café serves coffee, cakes, and weed. The Café mostly sells different brands of weed oil to smoke.

Weed oil is used in some drugs; you can get this oil from the cannabis café very quickly, which is legal.

This cannabis café hosted several activities, for example, a monthly OMMP ( Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) cardholders meeting.

The community of patients, even caregivers, and growers can stay up to date on legislative requirements and talk about changes.

When the cannabis café opened first, Madeline Martinez said that “This club represents people’s personal freedom, finally, for our members.”

She also adds that our plans go beyond serving food and marijuana, and this club will teach people about growing and other uses of cannabis.

Is The Cannabis Café Was Succeed?

The café in Portland has legal rights for selling weedsly and cannabis. As they have legal papers, they continue their café for a long time.

They serve those people who can’t take cannabis from home. According to experienced doctors, not everyone was allowed in the Café, Only those who were allowed to take cannabis.

When the Oregon indoor clean Air Act was expanded to include marijuana smoking and vaping, Martinez decided that the cannabis café would close on March 8, 2016.

Frequently Questions Answer

1. Is weed oil legal?

Ans: As long as you have a Medical Marijuana card, our cannabis café is legal.

2. Is marijuana safe and works as a medicine?

Ans: Yes, this is safe and works as a medicine for those who need it. THC itself has already proven its medical benefits.

3. Can everyone participate in the cannabis café?

Ans: To participate, you must be over twenty-one years old. And you must pay for entry and have a card.


The café is the perfect place to smoke and relax. This is safer than storing weed at home where a child can find it. We run a completely discrete organization and accept cash.

You can find our products here at Weedsly