What Is Compote

Our focus is on local, organic, seasonal, whole grain ingredients. We buy farm-direct where possible and available. We think it’s worth it to have the healthiest food for our community’s bodies and land. We also source from other local, small businesses including our coffee and tea. We are a scratch kitchen – including our pastries and dark bread, house-cured gravlax, handmade chicken sausage patties, cultured dairy, and obviously the compotes, which reflect the changing seasons and local availability.

About the Owner

I always had a passion for food.  I think some kids look at food as an adversary to be overcome, but for me food was always an exciting adventure.  I started baking as a child, inspired by Grandma Geety who used to send me packages of mandelbread and rugelach and letters outlining her techniques.  We are a family of cooks and avid eaters.

Travels all over the world have had a huge affect on my view of food, as well.  In France, food grown locally and prepared by hand, in Greece, where meal time is a celebration and a chance for connecting with those you love and with new friends, and trips to Russia, the South Pacific, and all over the United States have found their way into my cooking and eating experience.

My training started with a position as a prep cook, into life as a pastry cook, then baker and eventually running the pastry department at Clementine Bakery and Cafe in Los Angeles, CA.  My greatest creations came along (2 beautiful children) and I took a break from the professional kitchen.  But in creating healthy food for my family, my cooking and love of feeding and serving people took on a whole new shape.  In moving to Portland, my husband and I decided to open our own place.  I built the menu, he designed the space and our third creation together was born: Compote.  We hope you enjoy it!