DrinksWe proudly serve Ristretto Roasters coffee
Anyone who brings their own cup gets $.25 off!
Pour Over – each cup made to order $3.50 (refill $1.75)
Self-Serve French Press $2.50 (one free refill for-here only)


Espresso or Americano (2 shots pulled ristretto) $2.25
Cortado (2 ristretto shots with an equal amount of heated milk) $2.75
Latte or Cappuccino (2 ristretto shots with steamed milk) $3.50
Vanilla Latte or Mocha $3.75
Vanilla Orange Zest Latte $4
Chai (Housemade, lightly spiced and lightly sweetened) $3.50
Hot Chocolate or Vanilla (Housemade syrup) $3
Hot Tea $2.50
~Tao of Tea Organic: Grand Qimen, Tippy South Cloud, Malty Assam, Earl Grey, Green Pearl, Green Jasmine, White Peony, Pitta Dosha, French Verveine
Portland Fog (Earl Grey Tea Latte with vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg) $4


Organic OJ $4
Citrusade $3
Iced Tea (Black or Herbal – made from organic loose-leaf tea in small batches – ask for our current offering) $2
Compote Sweet Tea – citrusade and iced tea $2.50
Seasonal House Made Sodas $2.50
NYC Egg Cream (Chocolate Milk Soda – neither egg nor cream, discuss) $3
Seltzer $.50


Add housemade syrup (chocolate or vanilla) $.50
Add espresso shot $1.00
Add steamed milk $.50

(we use organic juice and syrups in our drinks)

Tinto de Compote $7
Our version of a Tinto de Verano,
made with garnacha, our citrusade, and seltzer

Boozy Soda $7
Sparkling wine with your choice of seasonal, organic, housemade soda syrup

Mimosa $7
Sparkling wine & Organic OJ

Ginger Frenchy $7
Lillet, Reed’s Ginger Brew, seltzer, and a splash of citrusade

ask about other available wines

House Red:
Garnacha – Santo Cristo 2010 (Spain) $6

House White:
Cortese – Castelvero 2010 (Italy) $6


10 Barrel – Apocalypse IPA $4
Ninkasi – Total Domination IPA $4
Omission GF Lager $4
Fort George – Sunrise OPA (16oz) $5