WAG Eggs

WAG Eggs come from a very small farm in Champoeg, OR. WAG chickens literally run free (other egg producers often call their eggs “free range” and let them out of the pens for a couple of hours in a little fenced in run). WAG chickens eat greens and grubs which makes their eggs unbelievably delicious (and very yellow!). The owner, Scott, brings us a fresh batch each week and we are so grateful that he does.

Ristretto Roasters

These passionate and exacting roasters have been doing small batch, artisanal roasting since 2005 in a purely local fashion. The owners Din and Nancy are fabulous people and the coffee coming out of Ristretto is equally fabulous. We daily use their Beaumont Blend which is consistently excellent. We also feature one of their single origins each week, which include Ethiopia, Brazil Bourbon, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru, Sumatra. We are big fans of Ristretto Roasters!



A bakery/cafe in Los Angeles owned by Annie Miler, my hero. They are the paradigm.

Camamu Soap

They don’t make food to eat, but their herb infused soaps feed your body and spirit. Walk into their shop/workshop and you will be engulfed in lovely smells and sights. The owners are the bonus, two women with a passion for soap and for people. We personally use their soap daily for our entire family.


Camas Country Mill

3rd generation grain farmers near Junction City, OR, the Hunton Family has worked diligently to reinvent their farm and work toward transitioning much of their land to organic growing.  They do their own milling and packaging, keeping everything as local as one can hope for.  We get a variety of grain flours from them and feel so proud to support a local farm like theirs.


Gathering Together Farms

Portland Farmer’s Market veterans and located in Philomath, OR, Gathering Together Farm grows the most glorious greens, among many other things, including shallots, squash, leeks, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and so much more. We get many things from them but are most grateful to them for their greens, always standing up straight but surprisingly tender. We love you GTF!



We just love Kim Boyce and her adorable new little shop on NE Sandy. Kim is a former Angeleno and a current James Beard award-winning cookbook writer. We share her love of grains…


Hood River Organics

Growers of lovely mushrooms and co-op organizers of neighbor farms, Hood River brings us pears and apples from the valley and mushrooms of fine quality.


The Tao of Tea

So many gorgeous teas and so many organic options – their tea shop on Belmont is a serene refuge and their tea house in the Chinese Garden transports you to another place, if just for the afternoon. With so many tea choices so carefully selected by the owner Veerinder, one will always be satisfied with a cup of their tea.


Lane Gallery

Lane Gallery, just up the street on Clinton and 26th, is a new gallery to the neighborhood.  We love them very much.  They show a variety of media and artistic styles and sometimes we make tasty treats for their fun First Friday openings.  Go check them out and tell them we sent you!!