Sides & Kids

Simple Salad $4
Cheesy English muffin $4 (whole wheat & housemade, organic cheddar cheese melted on top, mmmmm good)
English Muffin $2.50 (toasted & buttered; add small side of compote $1.50)
Biscuit $2.50 (add honey butter $1; add small side of compote $1.50)
Compote $1.50
Gravlax* $5
Shredded Hash Browns $3
One Egg (Poached* or Omelette style) $2
Housemade Chicken Sausage Patty(1) $3.50
Banana $2
Plain whole milk yogurt (Straus Organic) $3.50
Buttered Toast (2 pcs):
Multigrain or Swirly Rye $2 / Dark bread (M w/o G) $3
Cinnamon Toast $2.50 / $3.50
Cheese on Toast $3.50 / $4.50


Granola and yogurt with maple pecans, and choice of compote $4
Oatmeal with milk, maple syrup, almonds, and raisins $4
PB&C (Peanut butter and strawberry compote [almond butter available]) $4
Grilled Cheese (organic cheddar) $4
Tomato Soup (sweet and creamy, choose dark bread[M w/o G] or soup nuts) $4
Milk with Chocolate or Vanilla (Cold or Steamed) $1.75
Plain Milk $1.25
Seasonal House Made Soda $1.50

Pastry All of our pastries and breads made in-house are made from whole grains and organic ingredients. Check the display for today’s selection at

Usually we have: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Breakfast Cookie (Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chip, M w/o G), Chocolate Pecan Chewy (M w/o G), Cream-Filled PB Cookie, Banana Bread Muffin(M w/o G), Scones, Sweet & Savory Hand Pies, and daily special goodies…